The Global Gardens Food Hub is an aggregator and online marketplace of locally grown and produced food. We are made up of 14 market farmers, selling through Community Supported Agriculture, wholesale, and farmers markets. We make it possible for farmers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food in the Treasure Valley. Farmers benefit from the marketing, selling, packaging, and delivering of their produce. Our marketplace brings fresh, healthy, locally grown produce to you in a cost-effective manner on a weekly basis.

Ordering from the Global Gardens Food Hub helps build our community and preserve our precious agricultural land for future use. Plus, by purchasing produce from Global Gardens, you're supporting refugee farmers in creating their own farm businesses. That's a win-win.


CSA CUSTOMERS! Would you prefer to buy fresh, healthy food from local farmers? Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint? If you're ready, follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: Create a new account by clicking "Create an Account" at the top of the page. *If you already have a Local Food Marketplace account (i.e. from the 2020 Boise Farmers Market Drive-Thru), you'll need to log in using the same email and password. Click here to login if you already have a LFM account. 

Select your customer type: 

Step 2: Under Next Steps, select Sign Up for CSA, or click "Sign Up for CSA" at the top of the page.

Step 3: Follow the instructions at the top of the subscriptions page to select and purchase a CSA share. 

*If you are ever prompted to select a sub-period to begin shopping, choose any sub-period from the drop-down list, even if it says it is CLOSED. You can still purchase a CSA share when the sub-period is closed. This will not impact the CSA locations that are offered. You can also click outside of the sub-period box, and the box will disappear.

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